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action pack 877-283-1925, 5

activation 1 888 571 2048 or maybe 1 800-936 5700 (Customer Central)




Tony Desharnais | National Engagment Manager | US Public Sector | Microsoft Fargo Campus | (APAC Customer Services Inc) 701-433-4583 - he first called 7/24/15

Courses - 2273, 2275, 2277


dll dependencies













Office 365 "Concierge" - 800-636-7914 is better than the "generic" 800-865-9408

Office Links

Microsoft Store - Only shows products purchased from the Microsoft Store - Supposed to show all Office 2013 keys and 365 Subscriptions only. However this isn't the case with 3rd party purchases.

Office Setup - Shows office keys purchased from 3rd party venders and Visio, project, etc.

VLSC - Volume Licensing Service Center. Mostly used for business products.


ODBC- Microsoft Data Access Components MDAC (GA)Typical Install for x86




resource kit


shutdown windows problems -see windows shutdown problems

software assurance support ticket

Start by creating an incident under MS's support site. In the first screen (Step 1 of 3), where it asks

Choose from the following paid support options to open your support incident


Use my Software Assurance Agreement

One that same screen after you choose that option, the screen will expand to request a couple more fields. For:

Software Assurance Access ID




E-mail address:

Use Doug's email address:


Global Customer Service Phone Numbers

United States 800-642-7676 gets you into the long and involved menu where they try to squeeze money out of you

425-704-3638 is a number I've seen offered for existing support cases where you then need to enter in 1 7-digit extension





windows shutdown problems

Windows tips

jsi - a really big, searchable database

rojakpot - not so good anymore 1/6/03